Stefan Budian

Born 1965 in (West) Germany, I studied free painting at the art academy in Mainz, live there now as a freelance artist. Strefan Budian in Armenia, 2023In my painting films I do not focus on the end result, but on the process of becoming, passing away and becoming again.

In 2017, I began to explore and portray the people and societies of the "Visegrád states" Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland with the means of my painting. I began traveling these countries on the eastern edge of the EU and processing my impressions artistically. The area often referred to in Germany as "Eastern Europe" is actually geographically mislabeled, as Europe extends much further east, into Russia. What we mean is rather a cultural boundary that has to do with the question: "what significance does the individual have, what rights and what dignity does he have vis-a-vis the state and the community?" Currently with the war in Ukraine, this cultural frontier has acquired a new, frightening reality, precisely in its distinction from the authoritarian systems in the "East." Many countries in Europe formerly under Soviet influence are balancing on this "East-West border," trying to define their social values.

For this reason, I have now broadened the motif for my painting project. Now I am interested in a larger region, the eastern edge of the so-called West in Europe. As I have called it: for the "East of the West".

about me

All our ideas come from the changing nature of things, as they form, solidify, and then fade away."  (Stefan Budian)


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