All our ideas come from the changing nature of things, as they form, solidify, and then fade away."  (Stefan Budian)


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In this blog I would like to write about things that occupy me and have to do with the "East of the West". Some of the entries will be about my reflections as an artist, others about observations that arise during my travels. 
I am also gradually transferring entries from my German travel notes and translating them into English. 

30 October 2023
Moment and Memory 26 October, Crakow, Klezmer Hois Kraków. The city is in transition with me. I look out of the window of the tram and recognise a street I
16 September 2023
  Does the "West" exist in Albania? 17 September, on the plane On the way to Tirana, I try to eavesdrop on my questions for this trip within myself. Albania is