All our ideas come from the changing nature of things, as they form, solidify, and then fade away."  (Stefan Budian)


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Visegrad 4 - A project outline

06 August 2017

What is happening to Europe? The dream has become doubtful in many places. I had the opportunity this year (2017) to take a look at Europe from Hungary. The turning point around 1990 was even more profound there than in Germany, although the moment of the fall of the Wall and what came after is very important for Germany. We see it as a major national event and a historical upheaval. Nevertheless, the system change from socialism to a western form of society was a more significant change in Hungary. Then came the world economic crisis in 2008, which also hit Hungary harder than Germany. Above all, the ground was pulled out from under the feet of the young faith in a new system. What remained of it? There is a glorified socialism, a defiant nationalism, a continued belief in democracy and a united Europe. But in public discourse, actors tend to define dogmatic positions first before talking about ways to solve concrete problems. This is difficult and leads to a death of communication.

Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary have formed a group within Europe, an association of interests. I would like to start a treasure painting on this topic. I would like to apply my ability as an artist to sensually explore changes and transitions to this arena of European understanding. I think that the different Europeans should approach each other, ready and willing to work out a mutual understanding and without misjudging each other under preconceived ideas.

I would like to draw up 4 chapters of a treasure map for the four countries of the Visegrád group and to travel to the countries and find partners for this project there. I have already done this in Hungary, so I could start this part immediately. Contact has been established with the Czech Republic and a trip is already planned for 2018. But in order to stage this as a treasure painting, a lot is still missing - partners in Germany (for financing and performance) and further partners and starting points in Poland and Slovakia.

With this text I would like to start looking for the missing pieces for this idea.